BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

1. Can Amicor protect uniforms and other textiles and garments worn in healthcare? How?

Amicor is an anti-microbial fibre that is woven inside textile materials to provide protection from the growth of harmful microbes. It is an effective fibre that is versatile and has been designed to protect the entire fabric.

Amicor prevents harmful bacteria and fungi from proliferating and thriving on the textile surface and throughout the whole material. Amicor's effect has been shown to last for the entire duration of a working shift and it has the potential to last up to 200 laundry cycles.

2. Describe how the Amicor fabric is manufactured?

Amicor is a fibre with a durable anti-microbial functionality which is added during the fibre production process. The antimicrobial additive is incorporated into the fibre by using 'late injection technology', which results in the functional additive being finely dispersed in the micro reservoirs prevalent within the fibre structure.

3. How can Amicor protect a textile through so many laundry cycles?

The fibre has a 'slow diffusion action' that gradually releases the anti-microbial additive and replenishes the fibre surface, providing effective protection to the whole uniform. Amicor's slow diffusion is what provides the durability inherent to all Amicor uniforms and textile materials. Few other materials are made to provide such a lasting performance.

4. Elaborate on Amicor's durability and value?

Amicor does not have a fragile surface finish that washes off after ten to fifty wash cycles - it lasts for up to 200 washes and is therefore one of the most effective antimicrobial materials available which provides uniforms with long - lasting value.

5. Is independent quality assurance guaranteed?

  • Every Amicor fabric is tested by independent laboratories against key organisms that pose a threat to infection control. These test results are used as the basis for the Amicor certification process. If the product is certified by Amicor then you can be assured that it has been tested independently.
  • All products are tested using independent and internationally agreed testing protocol.

6. Is it possible to identify garments that have Amicor inside them? How?

Amicor garments will be identified by a small blue tab in the side seam. These labels will only be provided once fabrics have been through the Quality Assurance testing programme provided to Amicor Approved Suppliers and Trade Mark Licensees. (See marketing section for more information.)

7. What are the benefits to the wearer of Amicor garments?
  • Amicor garments will reduce the bio-burden of the garment whilst it is being worn and also between laundering. Amicor fabrics and uniforms remain protected even when washed at 40 degrees in a normal domestic wash.
  • Garments have been fully tested to withstand up to 200 hospital laundry cycles; temperature does not affect the durability of Amicor.
  • Amicor uniforms will actually last longer than a non- Amicor uniform as the rate of bio-degradation of the fabric- which is part of the mechanism by which a uniform wears out is significantly slower.
  • The acrylic basis of the Amicor enhances the softness of the fabric and hence wearer comfort.
8. What are the cost benefits of Amicor?

By taking recourse to Amicor, hospital trusts improve not only textile and uniform hygiene and consistency, but also cost benefits to hospital laundering.

Most importantly, Amicor's durable effect provides a consistent approach towards patient care that helps reduce larger costs that accrue for infection treatment.



  • All Amicor fibres have been tested by leading ecological testing organisation, Okotex. Okotex test for consumer safety and certify products that will have no harm to humans.
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  • Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances - EC1907/2006 ; REACH certificate provides assurance that a product has been reviewed by a third party and offers traceability of compliance.
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  • The Seal of Approval is a trade mark owned by allergy UK. The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval is licensed to products that have been independently tested by clinical immunologists on behalf of Allergy UK.
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