BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

Aditya Birla Group
In 2005, Acordis changed ownership and this premiere technology is today owned and marketed by the Acrylic Fibre division of Aditya Birla Group, based out of Thailand.

Amicor has created a niche for itself: it bears ownership of several patents and the benefits of this technology are highly relevant to a range of market sectors -


Amicor has also been granted endorsements within Europe: Okotex, Red Cross and Allergy UK, being three such institutions with Allergy UK granting the seal of approval to this distinctive technology.


We run a strong branding, testing and certification programme that enables a controlled management of developments right through the textile chain to the final retailer with accurately measured and tested benefits. All products that carry the Amicor, Amicor Breathe, Amicor Protect and Amicor Pure trademarks are a demonstration of consistent and high quality materials designed to provide a healthier environment to sleep, and fresher clothes throughout the working day.

Our mission is to provide safe, independently researched, tested and proven products that are controlled and marketed under the Amicor brand name. For the long term, our clearly articulated goal is to achieve differentiation by offering speciality products to the market.

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