BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

The second attribute is that Amicor provides this level of protection in the most environment-friendly way. The process used to make the fibre uses state of the art technology and very little of the functional additive added to the polymer is lost to the environment at the point of manufacture. Because the functional additive used in Amicor is stored within the entire fibre structure of every Amicor fibre then once again, very little is lost to the environment during repeated use and repeated washing. The large majority of the functional additive remains within the fibre structure and is available to protect the surface of the fabric in which it is used from the development of bacteria and fungi.

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  • All Amicor fibres have been tested by leading ecological testing organisation, Okotex. Okotex test for consumer safety and certify products that will have no harm to humans.
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  • Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances - EC1907/2006 ; REACH certificate provides assurance that a product has been reviewed by a third party and offers traceability of compliance.
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  • The Seal of Approval is a trade mark owned by allergy UK. The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval is licensed to products that have been independently tested by clinical immunologists on behalf of Allergy UK.
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