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Healthier Indoor Environment with Amicor

During an eight hour shift, uniforms pose a threat to infection control staff as bacterial organisms can grow to dangerous levels on fabrics. Once contaminated, the unchecked growth of key organism on unprotected fabrics poses a real threat to infection control staff.

Amicor fibres, when used in uniforms and textiles, can form part of the strategy to minimize hospital acquired infections thereby enabling the administrators to concentrate on other areas of patient care. Amicor fibre is incredibly versatile, soft and comfortable and can be used for nurses and other staff in the form of uniforms, white coats and theatre gowns.

Key Trends In Laundering

Hospital laundering provides fresh and completely hygienic uniforms to staff at the beginning of the shift. Unfortunately, not all hospitals can afford to maintain their own laundry and this function is now contracted out for some hospital textiles ( bed linens for example) and even left to home laundering for some hospital textiles( some uniforms for example).

There is a growing trend for nursing staff to launder their uniforms at home. This creates two potential problems for infection control, as:

1. Home laundering is not the same as hospital laundering and the washed garment cannot be classed as sterile

2. Staffs taking home their used uniforms that are exposed to dangerous organisms, endangers safe health of their children and other family members.

Amicor's Quality Control and Brand Assurance In Healthcare

The Amicor brand name is considered by some as providing a significant improvement in infection control. Only Amicor Approved Suppliers with certified products have the right to sell Amicor. (Trade Mark Licensees. Please see the marketing section for details.)

Every single product is certified through the Amicor Certification process after independent testing. In order to ensure consistency in production, Amicor has in place procedures for ongoing quality checks.

Amicor helps to reduce the growth of harmful organisms at its very source. Amicor can aid in effective prevention.

Guidelines for Laundering

Amicor can be washed at 40 degrees domestically or even up to 100 degrees through hospital laundering and it will still maintain the same level of microbial protection. Depending on the specific category of fibre blend, there might be more specific washing instructions for particular items, to help maintain a favourable texture and condition of the garments.

Average Lifetime of 'Amicor' Garment

Wearing and washing a uniform once a week will probably give it a lifespan of just under four years. Since uniforms are often replaced more frequently than this, it is possible to claim that Amicor will last for the normal lifetime of the product.



Hygiene Applications
  • All Amicor fibres have been tested by leading ecological testing organisation, Okotex. Okotex test for consumer safety and certify products that will have no harm to humans.
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  • Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances - EC1907/2006 ; REACH certificate provides assurance that a product has been reviewed by a third party and offers traceability of compliance.
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  • The Seal of Approval is a trade mark owned by allergy UK. The British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval is licensed to products that have been independently tested by clinical immunologists on behalf of Allergy UK.
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