BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

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Please note that due to FDA and EPA regulations, product claims for the USA market have to be written in accordance with much stricter guidelines. If you are going to market Amicor products to the USA, please follow our guidelines for USA branding. Amicor Marketing cannot be held responsible for products that are promoted in the USA without our knowledge and guidance.

1. Point Of Sale / Bedding Leaflet

Leaflets are available to retailers of Amicor branded products to display in stores for consumers, to take home and read or to pass on to family and friends or maybe discuss with their doctor.

We can send stock held leaflets to a central retail office or distribution centre directly or they can be distributed with the goods supplied by the manufacturer. Please see the leaflets and labelling section for individual items available and 'how to order'.

2. Bedding Video
  • There is a six-minute video which is currently available in English, French and Italian.
  • For other language voice-over possibilities, please contact Amicor Marketing directly.
3. In Store Training
  • Retailers can make sure that they are maximizing sales opportunities by training their sales staff about Amicor products.
  • Please ask your supplier to provide you with a guide on the products that you have in store.
  • If you ever have any questions about Amicor please contact us and we will be only happy to help.
4. Mail Order and Direct Mail

Please contact Amicor Marketing to discuss brand promotion and how to sell the whole Amicor Healthy Sleep Environment together on one page.

We will help you to source products to make up the whole bed, or in future, the whole bedroom!

5. Internet

Our research has shown that consumers and buyers looking for speciality products are highly likely to use the internet. This site, even though it is mostly in English, will provide up dated information for all potential 'searchers'. We have included translations of our general press pack to provide international visitors with all the information that they may need about the product.

If you have an internet site, we can even arrange links between our sites so that consumers can read about Amicor and then look for products and promotions.

6. Press Relations

Amicor was launched via a press relations programme across Europe and is still the most successful communication method due to the innovative science story behind the brand and our research into consumer health.

Amicor is always very interesting for the press and the subject of healthy textiles and smart materials is still a new concept altogether.

If you would like to publish a press release about Amicor products and would like our help, please contact us, or your supplier. We would also like to feature your bulletin on this web site.

7. Consumer Advertising

Co-operative consumer advertising possibilities can be discussed via our major licensees.

Please understand that a little bit of Amicor fibre goes a really long way! We don't have large budgets for advertising yet we will be able to assist wherever possible. The most effective and targeted advertising carried out, till date, has been in the speciality health and allergy press where the consumer interest and relevance is substantially high.

The responsibility of Product promotions and give-aways, rest with our licensees.

8. Joint Meetings

Please contact your Amicor Approved Supplier for arranging a joint meeting with us to discuss promotion.



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