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The guidelines incorporate the correct use of the Amicor logos, photography, the full brand identity for packaging, labelling and mail order. They also contain recommended claims, diagrams and explanations on how Amicor products work in several languages.

The most successful products in store have used our brand identity and claims to full effect, making it easier for our consumers to understand the health-related benefits that the Amicor products offer them.

Marketing to the USA

Please note that due to FDA and EPA regulations, product claims for the USA market have to be written in accordance with much stricter guidelines. If you are going to market Amicor products to the USA, please follow our guidelines for USA branding. Amicor Marketing cannot be held responsible for products that are promoted in the USA without our knowledge and guidance.

The Guidelines
Our guidelines arrive in two parts:
  • Visual guidelines act as a printed presentation or in an email form
  • Artwork on CD for both European and USA guidelines

European Branding Guidelines and artwork disc are in English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish. These guidelines will also apply to other markets as per the legislation.

USA Branding Guidelines and artwork disk is also available in English and Spanish.

All guidelines and artwork are available from the Head Office.

If you need high resolution scans of photography or diagrams please arrange this with us in advance for the desired requirement.

Product Claims

The branding guidelines also include suggested product claims, particularly for allergen-controlled bedding. These claims have been carefully drafted to clarify Amicor's position and effect and adhere to the general legal guidelines of the market region. It is the responsibility of Licensees to keep updated with their local country legislation and to ensure that the claims made about Amicor products are legally secure.

Approval of Packaging and Use of the Amicor Trade Marks

All packaging and advertising developed using the Amicor Trade Marks must be approved by Amicor Marketing before going into production.


Please send a colour pdf of all branded design work to



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