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Companies who manufacture fabrics or materials that go into finished products become Approved Suppliers.

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For manufacturers who do not use the name, logo or Trade Mark on their finished products, a trade mark licence is not required.

Introducing the Trade Mark Licence

So far we have concentrated on agreeing Trade Mark Licences with customers in the beds and bedding market.

In 2007, we continued to agree Trade Mark Licences with our current customers who are specifically in the bedding market and subsequently extended the process to the apparel, healthcare, towels and wipes sectors, as well as to all new final product customers.

The Licence

An Amicor Trade Mark Licence is free of charge for eligible customers and is simply there to control the use of our brand names, Amicor, Amicor and Amicor. In most cases, licences are granted for a two-year period for the non-exclusive use of the brand name within a given market sector or region. We do not require a fee from manufacturers but we do ask that manufacturers:

  • Brand their products according to our branding guidelines
  • Only use fabrics and materials from an Approved Supplier
  • Submit all products for testing and certification
  • Adhere to the certified specification and supply chain for each product

Trade Mark Licence Application

If you desire to become a Trade Mark Licensee, please contact Amicor Marketing directly.

We will send you a simple form to collect the details of your company, products, suppliers and markets covered to draw up an individual Trade Mark Licence for your company.

If you are already using the Amicor or Amicor Trade Mark and have not returned your application or need another form, please contact Amicor Marketing.

New Markets and Opportunities for New Licensees

If you are a new customer and would like to develop a new product range using Amicor and would also like to use the brand on your products, contact us directly and we will introduce you to the entire programme.

There are ample opportunities for manufacturers in new territories and end users to become Licensees and to supply quality products for consumers and contract markets.


Exclusivity will be granted only for guaranteed volume sales to a particular market and end use. Manufacturers must also fully use the Amicor brand identity in all communications and Point of Sale marketing.

Existing Licensees

Please keep us updated with details of your retail and other distribution so that we can include it in your company profile available on this web site. We receive many calls from consumers and buyers looking for Amicor products and this web site will help them to find your products easily.

The information on this site can only be kept up to date if you keep us informed of any changes or new information.

Only Amicor products can be listed on this site.



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