BPD Compliant Fibre Technology for Europe

Europe, Canada and Australasia

In Thailand, we have a stock of materials in the English language.

USA Marketing

For the USA market, please contact Amicor Marketing directly.

Due to strict EPA and FDA guidelines the consumer claims on our English literature are not suitable for the USA market. We work with our partners in the USA to ensure that all Point of Sale for the USA market is written according to the individual product range and current legal guidelines and produced in tandem with them.

Far East Marketing

Please contact us in Thailand

Other Languages

We can only stock hold marketing materials for markets where we have several licensees to justify the volumes that the trade generates. We can provide translations and artwork for companies so that they can print their own literature, or recommend using the Amicor brand identities and concepts on your own packaging designs.

Convenient Ordering

All leaflets and labelling should be ordered by the manufacturer who is producing the goods and not by a third party.

We require your complete address, telephone number and Amicor Approved Supplier details to send the material.

We also send materials by UPS to Europe within 21 days of receipt of order. For larger orders of 50,000 units, please allow more than 21 days delivery to arrange different transport. In any event, please order materials sufficiently in advance.

You can print out an order form in the news and reports section of this site.

Who can apply for the stock held promotional materials?

Amicor Trade Mark Licensees.

If you are using our certified products from one of the approved suppliers and do not have a Trade Mark Licence, please contact Amicor Marketing to apply for your individual licence.



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